If you are a proud owner of the book “Noise and Vibration Analysis: Signal Analysis and Experimental Procedures,” by Anders Brandt, or have access to a library copy, you can now download some useful resources for the book:

The current errata list can be found here. Make sure you download it and make corrections in your copy of the book!

There is a zip archive with all book figures in separate PowerPoint files for each chapter. You can use these PowerPoint files to, more conveniently, make your own lecture presentations. The reason I have chosen to do it like this, rather than to provide complete presentations, is that I personally find it hard to use other peopleĀ“s slides. If you would like me to provide complete PowerPoint files, please send me an email through the contact template, indicating this. If there is enough interest, I will consider providing such presentations later. Download this zip archive by clicking here.

Finally there is a solutions manual for all the Problems in the book! The ZIP file includes a PDF file in a printer-friendly form, approx. 67 pages, and a file where each solution starts on a new page, suitable if you are a teacher and you wish to hand out only a single solution to your students. A directory with MATLAB scripts for all relevant Problems is also included. Download it by clicking here.

You can also go to www.abravibe.com and sign in. When you are signed in you can browse and select among all files to download!