This an example of using the Laplace
transform to solve the forced response of a mechanical system. It is
also an illustration of the so-called beating phenomenon that can occur
if a dynamic system is suddenly exposed to a harmonic excitation close
to a natural frequency of the system. As illustrated by this example,
the beating phenomenon occurs is more pronounced when damping is low.
The supplied zip file contains a pdf file with the problem definition,
and a separate zip file with a suggested solution. I run this example with all my mechanical vibration students, since it is a good example of how to use the Laplace transform to solve forced response. It is, of course, also an important demonstration example to run for different system damping and excitation frequencies, to learn the concept of beating and to understand the harmonic response of a SDOF system. Download the file by signing in and selecting it on the download page. Or, if you are signed-in already, click on the link in the text above!